Monday, May 31, 2010

[Zebra_Trucks] Windows Media Player scrobbler fail.


Dear various email addresses (none of them being the one that I really want - ""):

I think it's a MISTAKE to make it so hard to get tech support. This is so often the case when a website goes corporate.

My problem is simple. When I play something on Windows Media Player on a Vista platform (a pretty standard approach to playing music on one's computer, I would think) it does't scrobble. I thought I might simply reinstall the plug-in.

Boy, have things become complicated since the last time I checked in!  I went to the "build" pages dedicated to scrobblers, and found three pages for all kinds of esoteric (to an old fart like me, anyway) devices and systems, but I didn't see one download that would work for Windows Media Player. There was a link for one that would turn Windows Media Player into a player - I thought it might do what I wanted it to do, but the link was no good.

The forums look to be pretty useless - lots of questions, and not one response that I could see. Anyway, I don't want a peer-to-peer dialogue, I want some good old fashioned tech support.

I was going to start paying for the service - I hear there's lots of new things on the horizon, but it's brand loyalty and nostalgia as much as anything... you introduced me to tons of new music, and even to some dear, dear freinds (I'm in a band with one of them now). But the whole site is getting harder to navigate through, and when nothing I scrobble shows up on it, it's more and more alienating and impersonal.  I want to be loyal to you, but you have to be loyal to your users, too.


Matt Love

PS: what the heck, I'll add "" on the slim chance it exists, even though you don't advertise it.

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