Sunday, May 30, 2010

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It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt....

Matt Love

Matt Love We crushed it at the Highlands Neighborhood Festival. The entire audience (both Anne AND Monica) went crazy. I'll be auctioning the set list off on Ebay.

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Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes
How long can you maintain this high-amperage rocker lifestyle, Matt?
Yesterday at 3:32pm ·
Matt Love
Matt Love
I've promised to go anywhere in the world to play for 3 or more people: but I may have to hang it up if I have too many more audiences of 2 or less. I'm playing "The Ugly American" but so far only in Brazil and Canada. I want to take it back to the homeland. Don't taze me, bro!
Yesterday at 9:13pm ·
Georgeanne Olive
Georgeanne Olive
Rock on Matt!!
4 hours ago ·
Matt Love
Matt Love
As promised, the set list is now available as an eBay auction item:
I am pleased after the success of our Indie Rockers For Haiti event to be able to offer this item in the name of charity. 100% of revenues will go to the British Petroleum Legal Defense Fund. Bid early, bid often!
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I want to play in your town for you and 2 of your friends.

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