Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[zebratrucks] August Newsletter: Correction


We reported that Alzbuzzabob had joined our newly signed band, the Icehole Sailors as the group's new lead guitarist and lead singer.

Citing creative differences, Alzbuzzabob has decided to not join the line up after all.  In a prepared statement, the guitarist and vocalist explained the reasons behind his decision: "ur music really really really sucks,, and i cant support a band that sucks as much as u guys,,, I could careless what u say or do u suck and will always suck fuk off and die."

A spokesman for the band reports they are confused and devastated by this turn of events, but they are determined to carry on, and will renew the search for a new frontman.

We regret the way events have unfolded, and the prematurity of our previous announcement.

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