Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[zebratrucks] August Newsletter: Epic events at egregious records


Our newly signed titans of modern rock, the Icehole Sailors (http://www.soundclick.com/IceholeSailors) announce that Alzbuzzabob has joined the group as the new lead guitarist and lead singer, in a move surely as seismic and auspicious as when David Gilmour took over from Syd Barrett at Pink Floyd. 

While we lament and regret the descent into catatonia and madness by former mainman Harvey Darger, we hope for his eventual recovery, and look forward to a future of ever greater achievements by the Icehole Sailors.

The team of Pusmon and Garfunkle announce they have
dozens of songs in development. They can be heard at:

P&G say they have many exciting collaborations in the works, and are looking forward to the release of their first CD.

Egregious Records announces they have gained exclusive rights to re-release Immoral Roberts classic "No Accident" cassette, newly remastered with a twist of lemon.  For a preview, check it out at:

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