Wednesday, October 01, 2008

[Zebra_Trucks] what a difference a trillion dollars makes..

This is that crazy fuck that says he channels John Lennon, and supports McCain (I'm sure Lennon would be a McCain man) and thinks Obama is Osama, etc etc.

Date: Oct 1, 2008 3:02 PM
Subject: "Enough Is Enough" by American Lesley Jane
"Enough Is Enough" by American Lesley Jane

About the song:

Bluesy rock n roll ala the South Side of Chicago.

Enough is enough, whatcha think about that?
You had your turn, It's time for Democrats.


Enough Is Enough

I said Hey!
I said Who!
I said Hey!
Hey, who do you think you are?

Had enough
Nuff of you
Had enough, nuff of you
Had enough of you
You've gone too far

All my youth is gone
My money spent
I'm tired of hearing the lies that you invent
This time I see it coming
I must prevent
Even if it makes a dent in my head

Enough is enough is enough-nuff-nuff-nuff
You hook up the rich and then you feed us fluff
Well enough is enough; this is far too rough
It's time to make History
We aren't here to make the rich happy
No, we're voting for our own interests this time

See you kiss
Kissing ass
See you kiss-kissing ass
Of the high-rollers who own this town

That's okay
I see you now
That's okay
I see you now
The middle class is just your clown

So call up Ringling Brothers, and Barnum too
'Cause we've had Eight Long Years of Three Ring You
Not even Harry Houdini could do much for you this time
You've gone over the line

Enough is enough, whatcha think about that?
You had your turn
It's time for Democrats
Enough is enough; I'm knocked over, flat
You know it ain't no mystery
You've taken better care of the rich
Than you ever cared for me


(You can say what you want;
That's still how it's adding up by the time it gets to us)

~Guitar bit~


I've learned a lot working for the Government
And they know My Presence is Heaven-Sent
I measured every barrel over which I've been bent
And I want you to know

Enough is enough, that's all I can do
Let's see 'bout the Democrats; I know about you
Enough is enough; that's a gas-tank full
The cart before the horse is hard to pull

Enough is enough; yeah you had your day
And now it's time we tried another way
Enough is enough, that's enough of this game
We scrape along with nothing to our name

Enough is enough, is enough-nuff-nuff
Whoa, enough is enough, is enough-nuff-nuff…is enough is enough-nuff-nuff

Copyright 2008 ~ American Lesley Jane

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