Wednesday, July 09, 2008

[Zebra_Trucks] video: "Metal Machine Music (excerpt)"

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It's just sad that it's only 1:30 minutes of this masterpiece instead of the full 90 minutes or whatever it is. All that music was transcribed from the original recording, and the group carefully followed the score. I wonder if Lou was as meticulous in his guest solo spot...
Excerpt from Asphodel's release of 'Metal Machine Music', performed by ZEITKRATZER.

Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music may be the most misunderstood work ever created by a popular musician. The original two record set, released in 1975, was mostly noise: feedback squalls, amplifier hums and the tortured screech of electronic gadgets. Directed by Reinhold Friedl, the 11-member ZEITKRATZER ensemble from Berlin gave Reed's album a thorough listen and and Ulrich Kreiger, the group's saxophon transcribed the sounds to create an acoustic music score for their ensemble to play live.
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