Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Zebra_Trucks] Chris Difford - Come On Down

I buy a lot of rock music magazines, and I prefer the ones that have
CDs with them... I feel like I'm getting a better deal. Interestingly,
I feel out of the habit of actually listening to the CDs.  Maybe it
was a concern that I'd learn all these great new bands I've been
hearing about aren't so wonderful... I've certainly had this
experience in the past.

I pursued the exotic notion of listening to the CD that came with the
May 2008 issue  of Word Magazine. Predictably, there isn't much worth
writing home about, but I found one song really getting under my skin
- "Come on Down" by Chris Difford.

At first it merely irritated me, with a verse section that reminded me
of the verse melody of "Lightning Strikes" by Lou Christy... it just
seemed to go on and on, and not go anywhere in particular. But I found
myself coming back to it. I noticed that between verses, it has a
chiming guitar part that tries to lift it from the doldrums, but then
goes back to the minor just as it is about to take off. Rather than
finding it boring, I begin to find it full of dramatic tension that is
finally released.

I wanted to learn more about this guy. It turns out he's not new at
all, he was the brains (or at least part of the brains) behind
Squeeze. He has had several solos out. Maybe it's post hoc non propter
hoc reasoning, but it seems to me this is a solidly crafted song by an
experienced craftsman...

What lifts it above the routine for me - makes it stand out from all
the other songs on that CD (and so many others) that quickly faded to
gray?  I really don't know. Maybe it's the female harmony vocal on it.
It's the kind of voice I love to hear. When I hear a voice like that,
I just want to find the owner of that voice, and put my arms around
her. Nibble her ear.  Touch her hair. Maybe snip off a bit of it, and
have it bronzed.  And/or bronzed in leather.

A woman with a voice like that has just got to be beautiful and nice.
This ain't Janice Joplin we're talking about here, that's for sure.

Anyway, I felt I had to have the CD, so I went to the music section of
Indigo Books (Canada's answer to Barnes and Nobel), but they didn't
have it. Maybe Starbucks is right. Maybe people my age have forgotten
how to find CDs.

Wait, I just remembered!  You find CDs on!  So much for box stores.
Love me, love my vids


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