Saturday, April 05, 2008

[Zebra_Trucks] Fwd: [Spin The Globe news] Global Beatles cover songs

God, wouldn't you know it.  the first show he's done in ages that I wanted to stream.... and most of the first hour (with the beatles covers) is not there.  Who knows what gems I missed?  but still for the best version of Let It Be ever recorded, check out the  Shang Shang Typhoon version (link in the "listen again" section below) - you have to wait out an aimless and pointless version of Norwegian wood, but it's worth the wait. 

In fact, it's a life changing experience.

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Subject: [Spin The Globe news] Global Beatles cover songs

Spin the Globe: Live Locally, Groove Globally
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THIS WEEK'S SPIN THE GLOBE was a tribute to the global influence of The Beatles, featuring an hour of Beatles covers from around the planet in a multitude of styles. Plus new releases and concert previews. See the playlist for complete show details.

Missed the show? Want to hear something again? Catch it in the limited-time archives on the STG Listen page ( (Note: This week's archive suffered from some technical difficulties, so much of the first hour is missing. Sorry 'bout that.)

UPCOMING EVENTS: Gaelica, Brazilian Carnival, Fubuki Daiko, John Cruz, Vagabond Opera, Debashish Bhattacharya, Dave Stringer, World Rhythm Festival, Procession of the Species, and more. For details, see the frequently updated Spin the Globe calendar

* Orlando Julius's "Super Afro Soul" is #1 on this week's KAOS New World Top 10 chart
* Freshlyground's "Ma'Cheri" is #1 on the KAOS New World Adds chart
* Dengue Fever's "Venus on Earth" is #1 on Spin The Globe's March Top 10 World Music Albums chart
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Next on Spin The Globe: New World Music Releases
(you know you can listen online Fridays 10-noon, right?)

April 18: Guitars Around the World
April 25: Global Percussion

Scott Stevens
KAOS World Music Director and host/producer of Spin the Globe
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