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Fraternity of Man

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The Fraternity of Man is an American blues rock and psychedelic rock group from the 1960s. They are most famous for their 1968 song "Don't Bogart Me" which was featured in the 1969 road movieEasy Rider. Its original members included three members from theLowell George-led group "The Factory" – Richie Hayward of Little Feat, Warren Klein and Martin Kibbee, who joined Elliot Ingber fromThe Mothers of Invention and Larry Wagner. Blues leads were handled by Elliot Ingber, and psychedelic leads were played by Warren Klein including "Oh No I Don't Believe It" (widely attributed to Elliot due to his association with the Mothers). The band broke up after recording two albums.

This Album was so different at the time of its realise it was over looked by many , With Classics like Bikini Baby , In the Morning , Last Call for Alcohol . probably the first Country Psychedelic Music ever , without a doubt the best , Field Day and Annual Policeman's Ball started the new Genre of Country , California Stile , Except for Don't Bogart Me ~this masterpiece would have taken years brfore the Masses to find dicover this.We wore two copies of this out before Easy Rider ~ Listen to this now , recognition goes out to these Musiciansand the Creation of what so many others took credit for , this is a must have !


  • Fraternity of Man (1968)
  • Get It On (1969)
  • X (1995) (different personnel)

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