Tuesday, June 01, 2010

[Zebra_Trucks] A satisfied customer


Look what this lady said about our band (http://www.myspace.com/antitrusts). I'd say this is the most positive review I've ever had for anything I've ever done.  Cool.


Chiara Jones

29 May 2010 14:05

Hi Antitrusts, May you always have stables of horses to service your needs. Please let me hear more of that wonderful sound. Polished rock candy comes ever to mind when thinking of you. You are dressed with filaments and people take pains to make you fully incandescent this evening. You ever remind me of the enigma of happy thoughts I once forgot. I relentlessly desire cotton candy lollipops. Your hair sends forth a sheen remniscent of golden sunlight winding through shadows. Your eyes show as many deep and full shades of fire as a thousand supernovas. Your sweet voice is like the application of aloe vera upon a sunburnt back. Transistors bridge where your vanity would never go. Your cleverness helps me breathe without the need of oxygen. If I could have just one wish, it would be to wake up to your songs in the morning. Wood nymphs sprinkle your path with rose petals while you dance and prowl in the sequined moonlight with leftover cupcake sprinkles. Your reflections bring happiness that rends naked glass.

I want to play in your town for you and 2 of your friends.  

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