Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Zebra_Trucks] Take that, Spin Magazine!


My comment on Spin.  I have the only radical ideas about music around these days.

MYTH No. 2: Nirvana Killed Hair Metal

It's easy to make a case for something if you grab a handful of annecdotal evidence and ignore the world at large. I am no fan of Nirvana. I loathe Nirvana, they represented a return to absurd rock values that I had hoped were dead and gone. They aimed for a cross between Black Flag and Black Sabbath (a paltry ambition) but they achieved was a recapitulization of Black Oak Arkansas.  But it is impossible to ignore (if you live in the real world) that grunge represented ground zero for the innovative, inclusive, musical synth-based styles of the 80s (New Wave, or whatever) Technical guitar playing (Dweezel Zappa even put the instrument down for a while, there was no market for what he was doing) and hair metal, among other things. What followed was gloomy, depressing, and inartuculate. I don't know why you knock Collective Soul, I have liked what little I heard of them. They had good songs that displayed a stylistic range that grunge never achieved.  The 17th Rock Myth that the Spin guys forgot to include: the irrelevancy of Spin Magazine to contemporary life. The last time they were relevant was when they covered The Human Skab.

What is happening in music today is everything and nothing.  If you are interested in my take on it, check out  Just remember, you and I and Spin are equally important.  There are no ordinary people, and there are no stars. 

I want to play in your town for you and 2 of your friends.



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