Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Zebra_Trucks] Pat Tassoni always said I was too competative...


When we were in the whatever band (we never settled on a name long enough that I can remember any of them) there was this other band, Brave New World... they had a good look, a good sound, good songs... played well... it was my ambition to be more popular than them.  A modest ambition, but an ambition, yes. 

It was like being in the Wimps, and wanting to be bigger than The Young Pioneers.  In the long run, more ink has been spilled on us, probably because we had one song on an early K Cassette. 

If that competative spirit drives you to be better, what's wrong with that? 

I particularly think that I should not have let that mindset dominate me... I was expelled from the Works In Progress collective  (the print arm of the cult just as the band was the music arm - cults are bad because if you ever leave them, you loose everything all at once. very painful) for independent thinking... yes, we don't allow competitition here. We don't allow any sort of independent thought.  The nail that's head sticks up gets hammered down.

I'm still competitive. I see that for the first time Lulina has more plays on MySpace than Dweebish.  I don't think that we'll ever be ahead again, because yesterday we were a couple of hundred plays ahead of her. Today we are 800 plays behind.  Cristalina is just blowing up huge. 

Damn, Dweebish was just another one of those things that started off so bright and shiny, and broke my heart.

Well, I have high hopes for The Human Skab tour.

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