Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[Zebra_Trucks] letter to the cbc


Just wanted to let you know what I'm saying about you to my friends
down south who lack the enlighted radio Canadians get:

"I heard a rerun of an interview with John Cleese on the CBC ("Q"
show) yesterday. by way of introduction they played the cheese shop
skit. when it got to the "I don't care how excrementally runny it is"
they bleeped the word "excrementally."

Tonight they had an interview on "As It Happens" with a guy in England
who was outraged and raising holy hell because... well, I'll
paraphrase them: "Immature remarks about a British pudding lead one
cafeteria to rename "spotted Dick" to "spotted Richard."

It's nonsensical, because the dick derives from the german word for
fat (like our pal Horselover). the spotted part are black currents. It
doesn't sound very appitizing, but it's tradition, and the language
police are bucking it.

Of course the As It Happens people made merry because it's so funny
when those monkeys over there get prissy and precious about language."

and while I have your attention I want to get a leg up on that contest
on CBC2 - I hope I have your support after you hear my music!

I have already written two great songs about Edmonton, and I want to
get your votes. Edmonton Sinkhole (already featured once on CBC
Edmontons "Radioactive" program:

and Rainbow Socks:

which has the bonus of not only being about Edmonton, but also
Edmonton's sister city in Brazil, Sao Paulo.

I want Tessa Kautzman to record Rainbow Socks:

and either Bare Naked Ladies (you've all heard of them) or Ian Tanner: to record Edmonton Sinkhole.

Who is with me!?!

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