Friday, May 09, 2008

[Zebra_Trucks] My Dream Summer Vacation...

On Edmonton AM this morning they asked their listeners to describe their dream summer vacation:

I sent them this email:

My Dream Summer vacation... I already had it - last winter! I traveled from Edmonton to Sao Paulo, Brazil, met some long time virtual friends of mine face-to-face the first time, and played a live show at the Bar B club. It was really, really fun and rewarding.

All my friends are envious, and want to go, and it suggests a whole new line of work for me - maybe I shouldn't be telling you this until I get set up, but here goes - you take all of us rock and roll wannabees and never weres, dump them in an exotic location, and et them put on a show with local talent. Combine rock and roll fantasy camps with adventure travel.  I've already done it once, so I know the ropes. 

Summer seems like an ideal time to do it - in winter we went from 40 below to 40 above - it was too much - winters there are mild, so it would be nice to go there during our summer.

here's music from our final rehearsal:
vids of the show:
a radio interview I did there:
click on "Lado C" and scroll down to "Waiters"

Matt Love

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